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Braun Series 3 Replacement Foil & Cutter

Series 3 Foil & Cutter | 32B

Foil & Cutter should be replaced at least every eighteen months. Replacing your Foil & Cutter gives a 25% better shave. Genuine Spare Part.


For shaver models;

390cc (Type 5411)
350cc, 370cc (Type 5412)
340s, 345s (Type 5414)
320s, 330s (Type 5415)
380cc (Type 5416)
390cc, 395cc (Type 5772)
380 (Type 5773)
350cc, 370, 370cc (Type 5774)
340 (Type 5775)
320, 330 (Type 5776)

Please check type number on rear of shaver before ordering.


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Lift & Cut Heads Braun 370
Example for a 4-digit type number (Type: xxxx) This is a Braun Series 3 370. The Model No. is located on the front of the case, at the very bottom of the shaver.
Braun 340 Shaver

Braun 340s-4 Series 3 Electric Shaver

Genuine Braun 340s-4 Electric shaver.

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